Perhaps the greatest treasure we have as Christians is the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. To possess that treasure and to mine it is what being a Christian is about. How we mine the treasure, of course, is dictated by the Spirit and that requires a process by which we are able to discern the intentions of the Holy Spirit for each of us in our own particular circumstances.

untitledI have a close friend who is a tax accountant who has discovered the wonder of “adoration”, and he uses this tool, among other things, as a mechanism to discern the path he is being called to take in life. He tells me that an hour before the Blessed Sacrament restores his sense of peace and allows him to sift through all of the various influences, positive and otherwise, that compete for his attention. He comes out of each session refreshed and aware in general terms of the direction he is being called to take at that particular point in time.

This gift of the Holy Spirit is from the Father. “The Father will send you the Holy Spirit, says the Lord, to be with you forever” [Jn. 14:16]. If we are Christians we likely know this at least in principle. What we may not know or fully appreciate or forget sometimes is just how important this spiritual reality is in helping us to navigate our way daily in our pilgrimage towards our heavenly destination. My friend has recently re-discovered this truth and his life has taken on a new paradigm structured so as to recognize and take advantage of the Spirit within.

The influence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of Christians over the centuries is well documented both in scripture and in the biographies of Christians who are deceased and who are still with us. If you are looking to grow in your faith and seem to be stalled in your efforts, consider a program of prayer that focuses on leaning on the Spirit. You can bet that you will receive the peace you need to sort through the vagaries of your life and the direction required to keep you on the path towards your loving Creator. You’ll wonder why it took so long to find the fountain of grace that fuels your journey.


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