For most of us, the vagaries of life have a way of grabbing our attention sometimes so fully that we have trouble focusing on our daily tasks and we encounter that burning sensation in our chest that seems to persist without abatement. Our sleep is interrupted sometimes completely by a mind that will not let go and we turn to sleep aids to dull us that we might get some temporary relief. Sound familiar? It can be caused by a relationship turned sour, the loss of a job, unfair and inaccurate comments that affect your reputation and your opinion of yourself, a business transaction gone sideways, financial difficulties that seem to have no solution and, no doubt, other circumstances that temporarily derail you. When these things happen they can really pre-occupy each waking minute and if you let them they can drag you down mentally, physically and emotionally. If you have lived long enough, of course, you know that these deeply felt issues will be addressed and resolved in one way or another. As I write this blog today, my wife and I are in the midst of just such a life vagary and looking for relief. We are fortunate however to have each other and to know that we have faced difficult issues in the past and moved beyond them. We also know that we have a loving God who doesn’t ask us to carry loads that we are unable to carry. Sometimes those loads are for a purpose as God is forever looking for opportunities to “prune” us that we may produce good fruit for the Kingdom.maxresdefault

I had a phone conversation with one of my sons a couple of nights ago who is also encountering one of these life vagaries and we talked about the remarkable resource available to us in prayer when we are asked to “endure” in the face of hardship. If we are able with God’s grace to meekly and humbly accept the hardship and to remain charitable to those around us [often a tall order] we open up ever more grace for ourselves and for others. Our Heavenly Father will be proudly smiling down on us as he sees the image of Jesus reflected in our hearts.

While you are riding the wave of disappointment, take heart! You have enormous support from the saints and the helping hand of your Creator to gently guide you to the appropriate resolution


  1. How very true Chris. A member of my family is going through a troublesome vagary right now by a very hurtful spouse. She is in so much need of prayer. Thank God she believes in Him.



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