About Us

Chris is a 69 year old lawyer and Helen, his wife, is a 66 year old retired occupational and physiotherapist and law office administrator. We retired from the practice of law at Vanderhoof, B.C. at the end of October, 2014.  We chose to live in Vanderhoof arriving to set up the practice in April of 1975 after having lived briefly in Prince George, B.C. We both did our post secondary education at the University of British Columbia. We have 4 adult children and, at this point, 6 grandchildren. As we transition into retirement we are discerning how God wants to use us in ministry to introduce those who have not met Jesus to Jesus and to collaborate with those who have met Jesus to help them and us to cultivate and nourish an intimate and personal relationship with God. We are Catholic Christians but over the years have been involved leading inter-denominational Alpha courses and scripture study courses and feel our call is to bring people to Jesus knowing that the Holy Spirit will direct them.

IMG_0374Although it is difficult to predict at the onset how this Web Site will evolve it will likely focus on issues of evangelization and spirituality. We are less interested in issues of doctrine than we are in issues surrounding how best to be the “hands, feet, voice and heart” of Jesus to those around us who are often distracted by the incessant secular imperatives of our modern culture. We want to make a difference and we are hopeful that the Holy Spirit, who we believe is inspiring this initiative, will  grease the wheels as we move forward.

For us this promises to be a great adventure. After all, what could be more exciting than sharing this sacred pilgrimage with family and with old and new friends who will treasure the joy and peace of life in the Kingdom here and now as faithful companions of Jesus. Together we get to travel forward to be greeted at the appointed time by God at the gate who will invite us to share fully in the immensity of His love.

Many of the photos featured in our blogs were provided by our daughter, Terri Wingham, some of which were collected by her during her travels in support of her life work: see http://www.afreshchapter.com/.


3 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Chris and Helen, Thank you for inviting us into your website. Over the years John and I have appreciated the significant contribution your have made to the well being of Riverside. Your experience and wisdom, offered in a spirit of grace and equanimity, have been a harbinger of hope within our sometimes fractious relationships. To learn that we share with you a common experience of the grace of God, calling Jesus Lord, seeking to walk in attentiveness to the Spirit, is a joy and delight. Your commitment to the vision of your parish church bodes well for fruitfulness at this stage of your life. You will be like those “in whose hearts are the highways of Zion. As they go through the valley of tears they make it a place of springs….going for strength to strength.” Psalm 84.

    Sheila Shannon


    1. Thank you for your kind comments Sheila! I happened across your comments as I reviewed the back end of my site. Normally, I get an e-mail from Word Press advising on incoming comments so that I can approve them. They are then posted to the front page of the Website. For some reason I either didn’t get the e-mail or I missed it when it came in. I found another comment that I wasn’t aware of so I will have to pay more attention to the back end. It’s wonderful to connect with fellow Christians at Riverside. It has been a difficult 2 years for the current Board Members but the welfare of Riverside is in our daily prayers. God Bless, Chris and Helen.


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