The Kingdom of God: both “among” and “within”

In my blog posted on November 11th, 2015, I commented on the inauguration of the Kingdom of God with the birth of Jesus as a critical manifestation of God’s mercy. The incarnation was in the planning stage since the fall of Adam and Eve and perhaps before that. The all good and gracious God was … More The Kingdom of God: both “among” and “within”

In Search of Advent

I sit and think about the many Christmas seasons that have come and gone and the preparations that have been made to make Christmas “merry” without any real attention to the spiritual preparation that should accompany this time of year. Advent really is about God’s mercy for the “Incarnation” witnessed on that first Christmas paved … More In Search of Advent

Facing the Dragon

I awoke with a feeling of disquiet I knew that although this was just another day The time had come to trust the mirror And gaze without anger or self reproach deep within For my soul was in need of restoration.   The Spirit seized the moment and whispered Gently and I gladly listened in … More Facing the Dragon