The Power of Love

If we have encountered Jesus in a personal way, we have encountered the power of love. The challenge is to emulate His love in such a way as to reach out to the marginalized, the addicted, the disadvantaged, the powerless and those engaged in life styles that may be seen, by Christians, as objectively sinful. … More The Power of Love

The value of listening

My wife and I have an adult daughter who is moderately hearing impaired. We first noticed her condition when she was about 18 months old. After extensive testing we arrived at a treatment regimen that helped her to grow into adulthood confidently. Fortunately we had a very good hearing assistance program in Vanderhoof at the … More The value of listening

Thought Control

I’m sure that you have experienced, as I have, the bewilderment that accompanies a random thought that has suddenly and without notice surfaced or more commonly, at least for me, thoughts occurring that respond to an event but grossly exaggerate its significance. All too often I’ve had to shake my head and mentally exclaim “where … More Thought Control

In Search of Peace

Life, to put it mildly, can be very challenging. At times it either overwhelms us or threatens to do so. Most of us, if we have lived any length of time at all, can attest to this reality. Of course life’s difficulties can threaten our very survival if we live in parts of the world … More In Search of Peace

Bleeding Hearts!

The title to this blog has nothing to do with the agenda of an activist pre-occupied with some social issue. It deals rather with “heart content” and how that content defines us as it bubbles out to touch the lives of those around us. It has been said that most things that we take into … More Bleeding Hearts!

Are we truly free?

The concept of “freedom” for many of us resides in the reality of daily living in a secular culture designed by us to further our own interests often without regard for the needs of others. To express this sentiment may be trite but it finds its foundation in the notion that freedom is connected to … More Are we truly free?