The New Evangelization promoted by Popes JPII, Benedict and Francis and the move to “mission” from “maintenance” advocated by many groups within the Church to facilitate this newness of evangelization requires that we evaluate our “culture” with a view to altering that culture over time to accommodate a new vision of outreach: a new way … More OUTREACH: SUSTAINING THE CULTURAL SHIFT


For all of us, the redemptive act of Jesus should be tantamount to the abolition of slavery. The letter to the Hebrews [Hebrews 2: 14-15] sets this out with clarity: “Since all the children[us] share the same human nature, he [Jesus] too shared equally in it, so that by his death he could set aside … More OVERCOMING FEAR


      If you respond, as I try to do daily, to the Good News, you may find yourself fired up over an article on the faith or a good homily but the enthusiasm often wanes as the realities of daily living move you into your daily routine. I think that this is normal … More A STEP EACH DAY


Today offered another memorable homily at St John Neumann parish in Yuma Arizona. Fr. John Friel was responding to the tragic shooting in Florida that took the lives of at least 17 people, most of them students. The delivery in this post is somewhat different as Fr. Friel took his time to talk about “gun … More WHAT IS TRUTH?


Has the advent of Lent caught you unaware again? I know; the intellectual response to Lent for many is to sigh and ponder the inconvenience of fasting, increased prayer and alms giving. Can’t we maintain our commitment to God without having to undergo this annual ritual? Can’t Easter hurry up and happen? Don’t I already … More UNLOCKING INTIMACY