If you are a Christian in search of a relationship with the Lord of the Universe, you have already gently touched the hand of God for you would not have embarked on the search but for the stirrings deep within you facilitated by God’s Spirit.

isIn a secular world, where we may be preoccupied with the “things” of the world, our search for God is obstructed by the attachments that evidence the obstruction itself for firmly grasping God’s hand has and will always require an openness on the part of the soul to the grace of God necessary to untangle and firmly sets aside the inordinate attachment to worldly things.

The first step in the process is to humbly acknowledge how powerless we are to make change without God’s assistance. The second step is to submit our own will to the Will of God. These are important steps and critical if we are to allow God to transform us.

If we take these steps God will draw nearer to us. The Holy Spirit will inspire us in prayer to begin to develop an intimacy with God founded on love: love for God and for those around us. We will begin to experience a peace in our lives that is tangible and, importantly, an enthusiasm for communication through prayer with our God that will gradually replace other activities some of which may have previously tethered us by way of attachment to worldly activities that were unhealthy for our soul.

It’s a win-win situation for each of us but sadly one that too often is put on the back burner to be addressed at some unspecified future date. The time to grasp God’s hand is now that, arm in arm with Jesus, we might with passion reach out to those who have yet to experience the love, peace and hope that only Jesus can bring.

As we move into the season of Advent, we are reminded that the Incarnation and the arrival of the Infant Jesus was God’s answer to the darkness of a troubled world. As Christians we were buried with Jesus at Baptism and emerged into a new life in the Spirit: a life that we can unwrap and in union with our beloved Savior use to help build the Kingdom. Tell Jesus that you love him and that you want to be put to work. Grasp firmly the hand of the Savior.



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