As Christians who authentically pursue the goal of discipleship, we know that success in this venture requires attention to our “interior life” for a well developed interior life reinforces the “vessel” of clay spoken about by St Paul in today’s reading [2 Corinthians 4: 7-15]. Refurbishing our interior life permits each of us to more effectively communicate with the Triune God who lives within us and who animates, directs and nourishes each of us as we navigate our way forward in a world that desperately needs souls who will “witness” to the treasure that is Jesus.

7c95ce81363af278cc1c90fc76ba7d53--scripture-quotes-scripturesIt is, of course, another example of the contradiction that Christian life demands of us to exhibit the “treasure” in our mortal flesh but, as always, God insists on using our apparent weaknesses as a vehicle to influence others by harnessing the power of God within us to propel us to works that we would be wholly unable to perform but for God’s divine assistance.

Because we are all too aware of our human frailty and sinfulness, we are tempted to forget that God directs our efforts behind the scenes and empowers us to accomplish in our evangelizing efforts what we could not accomplish on the strength of our own gifts and charisms.

If, when we are influenced by doubts and fears about our own particular mission, we retreat to prayer and allow the Holy Spirit to reassure us we will begin to overcome the temptations planted by the enemy whose goal is to weaken us. With the assistance of the Holy Spirit we will be able to thwart the enemy, revealing our true self, our sacred self, and that revelation will be a spotlight focused on the treasure within for our lives will be identified with Jesus.

Thanks to last year’s program offered by the Diocese of Prince George, “Hearts Transformed” I have come to appreciate the power of contemplative prayer and, although I am a novice at it, this form of prayer has been of great assistance to me when I need to be reassured, which is regularly. One scripture I have found helpful for contemplation is, “Mary” the sister of Martha and Lazarus, at the feet of Jesus found in Luke 10: 38-42. I simply take Mary’s place and in the “silence” allow Jesus to talk to me. The peace that follows this process is palpable.

Prayer is foundational in the interior life. Without it, we chance losing the treasure within for each of us needs intimacy with our God if we hope to witness to those around us.





  1. Thank you Kit.. I need constant reminders to keep up the daily attention to prayer.. especially in the summer months when there are so many distractions.. .. we are in the process of trying to set up evangelizing teams in our Parish.. your blog helps to alleviate my fear of getting involved as I’m unsure if I’m so equipped to be a leader!!! Your reminder to place everything in God’s hands in prayer knowing that the Holy Spirit is our guide is worth remembering!
    Keep up the good work … you are doing His work!!


  2. Wonderful Chris. I must confess that the fear of showing my all my weaknesses in the course of evangelization is a stumbling block to me. I study and read to arm myself, but I am still afraid of “getting it wrong”. relying on the Holy Spirit and not myself is the only answer. God Bless!


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