Some of us in pursuing life’s journey have been terribly hurt, often by the actions of others. Whether that hurt comes about as the result of warfare, betrayal, physical or sexual abuse, the willful defaming of our good name, chronic bullying, neglect, or some other unfathomable injustice we tend to retreat into a defensive mode that cages our vulnerability. While our very “being” longs to be loved, we often remain committed to a posture of self defence that grows out of a deep mistrust of our environment and those within it and we can’t imagine allowing ourselves to be vulnerable to others. This scenario plays out much too often and contributes to our inability to function well in any relationship, if at all.

cling-to-godAs Christians, we know that we are not immune to these vagaries of life. In fact, at some stage in our grieving, we may well place the blame squarely at the feet of God. It is perhaps at that stage that we attempt to enter into a dialogue with God hoping to uncover the reason for our suffering. If we do, that is a most positive step as it acknowledges the relationship each of us should have with our Creator and it allows God, in communicating with us, to comfort us. God aches for a relationship with each of us and, if it takes our anger to facilitate communication, so be it. What we all need to remember is that God’s love for us knows no limits. Furthermore we can, as first step, be vulnerable with God. God knows us intimately, loves us unconditionally and wants to bring us home safely. As we relax and allow ourselves to unfold into God’s arms, we will discover a dimension of love that will begin to colour and animate our other relationships. We will begin to be vulnerable with others knowing that the author of life stands behind us and with us encouraging the blossoming of love in our other relationships.

God’s unconditional love for us testifies to our worthiness as an object of love and encourages us to put behind us the injustices we have suffered at the hands of others. With time, God’s gentle love will allow us to forgive and to forget. As Christmas approaches may we cling to the infant Jesus and shower him with love. May that experience establish a loving relationship with God that will have each of us clinging to our Creator at all times, no matter the circumstances.




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