That we live in a time of spiritual darkness, there can be little doubt. The challenge, if we are a Christian, is to take on the mantle of Christ and embrace the truth. That leads to the question: What is truth? That is an ancient question and one posed to Jesus himself by Pilate as Pilate wrestled with the question of how to deal with Jesus prior to His crucifixion. It is a salient question for all of us today enveloped as we are by negative elements in our culture. The truth is often inconvenient in a culture that places “me” first. Sometimes the “truth” is mixed up with “half truths” challenging us to sort the wheat from the chaff. Frequently the chant of the “majority” or the chant of the “determined minority” can be viewed as the truth when, in fact, it may be far from the truth.

sunriseoverwaterWe are called to immerse ourselves in the limitless love of our Creator. It is within the context of that “love” that we can truly discern “truth” for “truth” in that context cannot be fraudulently manipulated by our own selfish desires. God’s love is firmly entrenched in the selfless.

Scripture clearly calls us to “walk in the truth” and we do that by heeding the directions of our Creator. If, by faith, we have placed our hope in Christ and the promises of our Heavenly Father then we can resist the false promises of this world and hold fast to truth in the face of turbulent opposition. That opposition is largely fueled by an agnosticism that praises contemporary values over Christian values that are firmly entrenched in the “Word of God”. If the “Word” is of no importance to you then the search for truth becomes illusive indeed since that search takes place exclusively within a framework of popular secular values that change with the fashion of the times. Within that context “What is truth? Indeed.

The darkness of modern culture can be penetrated by the voice of the Christian who recognizes the truth resident in the “Word” or for that matter by other Spirit inspired individuals who recognize the truth whispered to them by the Spirit. Their voices become truly prophetic as they rise in the darkness as a light for those seeking the truth.

As we allow ourselves to be led by the Spirit, we hop on the “truth wagon”. Once on the wagon, we light up the way for others who seek their way out of the darkness.


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