As Christians we’re called to let the light shine out. At times, when we are discouraged, we are tempted to reflect on whether or not there is any light to shine either in or out. When that happens remind yourself that as the adopted daughter or son of God you just naturally reflect light because you are the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit and try as you might, when the Spirit continues to indwell, there is nothing you can do to turn off the light. I think that we all take a step back when we consider Jesus’ advice to us “you are the light of the world” [Mathew 5:14], particularly when we consider our individual weaknesses. Jesus is saying however that we “are” the light of the world not that if we try harder we “will” be or that we “should” be and he says this because the light that others see in us is the light emanating from God.

tumblr_miyao2pers1r6lhroo1_1280Of course the visibility and the brightness of the light is something we can improve on by letting it be seen by others and we do that by removing obstructions. One simple way is to improve on your smile when you encounter others. A warm welcoming smile can seriously reveal the God within so why not work on improving it. You’ll feel better and the recipient of your warm smile will notice something different about you and the act of wondering that you invoke can be used by the Holy Spirit to touch the soul of another. Another way is to train yourself to give your full attention to someone who is in need of your assistance even when you are in a hurry. This is an act of love and will not go unnoticed.

We’ve all encountered fellow Christians who seem to glow with joy. We saw that in the visage of Mother Theresa and we see that today in the warmness and radiance of Pope Francis. We see it also in ordinary Christians who we know wear their “hope” out front for all to see. We can magnify the light within by being conscious throughout the day that we are privileged to enjoy our personal relationship with Jesus. We just need to turn our mind to our Creator on a regular basis throughout the day in a simple prayer such as “I love you Jesus”.

You know many of us spend a serious amount of time managing our financial investments if we have been blessed with them. On the surface, that’s not a bad undertaking as we are called to be prudent in overseeing what God has given us. We sometimes forget that the greatest investment we make is the time we spend with our Creator, the one who loves us the most and is most interested in our welfare. Our relationship with God is a goldmine and we are called to mine it every day of our lives. How foolish we can be when we allow the glitter of this world to obstruct the light of Christ in our lives. May we all remind ourselves of this reality daily that the “light” may shine out from within and expose for all to see the path less travelled.






  1. Kit. This is a really beautiful post .. As I was reading it, I couldn’t help thinking of Mother Teresa of Calcutta.. How her light shone radiantly for all to see and that she gave everything to Jesus inspite of suffering the dark night of the soul!
    I wholly recommend the movie “The Letters ” which really exemplifies what you are saying in your post ..


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