Are you a living Gospel?

As we gaze around us today the temptation may be to throw in the towel. The ooze of evil permeates our modern culture much like ice can permeate the ground making the surface slippery and passage dangerous. This is of no small significance to all of us as we are pilgrims struggling to find and stay on the path that our faith has carved out for us. Our gaze however is one of hope. We know with certainty that we can be the “good news” for countless others who have yet to grasp the reason for our hope. I know that when I become disillusioned I need only remind myself that my “life coach” is in my corner.

DSC_2507[1]Most of us, I believe, are assailed by the reality of our human weaknesses often to the point that we lose sight of our vocation which is to testify to the joyful, grace filled life available to everyone. It’s during these moments that our coach calls us to give our heads a shake. God and others are depending on our willingness to respond to the call to speak through our lives.

Throw aside the distractions and allow the Holy Spirit to build in you a rose garden, a place of fragrance, a sign of beauty, and a place of restful repose. Discover in the silence of your heart the small but incessant prompting of the Spirit to be all you can be out of love for your Savior. The construction of the garden will be a labour of love over time but it will in God’s good time reap a harvest that you cannot imagine. As with any construction project, you move forward one step at a time and allow the architect of your life to design, oversee construction and eventually invite others to come and have a look.

Love is the primary material of construction and the material is in huge abundance as it flows to you on demand from your Savior earmarked for the project with instructions not to skimp as you build but to use as much of the material as is needed to draw others to your garden.

Be a living Gospel! Draw many to your garden who have lost hope. Let them savour the beauty and experience the peace that you have found.


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