The Efficacy of Grace

DSC_2488” Everyone who asks will receive. Everyone who searches will find”

Mathew 7: 8

One of the great signs of God’s immeasurable love is the grace He dispenses to us as an aid to assist us in our human condition knowing our frailty. This grace is often totally unsolicited but provided nevertheless by God in the expectation that we will respond to it and use it to our spiritual advantage. God’s grace is also available on request [dare I say demand] for those who have faith, and recognize the potency of this spiritual aid. There is no limit on quantity and it may well be dispensed whether it is requested or not.

So what is “grace”? Divine grace can be generally defined as God’s loving and undeserving kindness and compassion toward man flowing to us out of God’s goodness. Grace is exhibited in ways that are result oriented. The result, which is usually observable by the recipient who is paying attention, may be an answer to prayer dealing with a practical issue such as a decision as to a vocation in life, or even a business decision. It can take a myriad of forms crafted by the Almighty to help mould the believer or to bring a seeker to belief in Jesus. It can be for the seeker the gentle but potent impetus to dare to embrace a belief in God and in the salvic mission of Jesus. For the believer it may take the form of spiritual help essential to assist the believer to overcome some sinful inclination or it may simply take the form of spiritual assistance necessary to build and maintain the all important personal relationship with God. However it is dispensed it is most definitely a spiritual “fuel” that permits us to energize our spiritual lives so as to realize our potential as the adopted “son or daughter” of God. For a Christian it also becomes a form of spiritual life preserver assisting each believer to weather the inevitable storms of life and to realize that person’s full potential as a disciple of Jesus.

As Christians we need effective tools to assist us as we continue our pilgrimage here that we might find the Promised Land and in the process bring others to knowledge of Jesus. God invites us to put our head on God’s shoulder and take advantage of the grace he so gratuitously provides to us.

May each of us understand the efficacy of Divine grace and seek it out as the parched seek life giving water.


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